How the Band Works

The band is really something that embraces the internet in ways that more and more people are taking advantage of.  We will start a track and find people who want to contribute to it.  The track usually goes across the internet and each person who is contributing to the track send WAV files, they are compiled and mixed down into what we end up getting out there for you.  The mix gets sent to everyone who contributes so the production is a reflection of all parties in that track.  That equality, for us anyway, really gets a great sound and makes everyone who contributed happy with the end result.

The band rotates talent and we really look for new people to contribute, so if you are reading this and have some ideas you want to contribute or add to let us know!

Song ideas are posted to our website and open for the folks in the band to review and see who wants to participate on it.  If no one wants in on it, that song tends to become an instrumental like “Song 13” or “AntiMoorhead”.

Once we upload the track we distribute the track so it is streaming for free, and you have the option to go and own a  copy VIA all digital distributions sites (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc).  We also try and market the song for film, commercials, or whatever… really whatever so feel free to contact us with anything.

When the song is sold, for ease of bookkeeping to make it something worth contributing time and talent to, we evenly distribute the money after recouping any expenses.  The expenses are mostly connected with the digital distribution companies, we use CD Baby.  We do not bother with songwriter vs performer pay or any of that stuff that most bands do. If you contribute to the track you are an equal owner in any profit that track makes, if a track you are not on sells than you are not entitled to any of the profits that song makes.  I have always thought that the people who contribute to the song should have equal rights if they were anything more than a session musician.  We do use session musicians too, currently we use Fiver.  Those musicians get paid via Fiverr and not per track, so no residuals, that is just how Fiverr works.

I think I covered it all, any questions email us!


How the Band Works

Humble Beginnings

Our back story is not in anyway interesting or unique.  I would even recommend you stop reading right now as a matter of fact.  Back in 1999 the radio station WNEW in New York, NY changed the format from classic rock to all talk.  One morning show had a comedian on it who said a line, “I was as lazy as Agnes Moorehead in Pollyanna”, which was a funny line in the context of the show, and thought that would be an awesome name for a band.

So I opted to use that for the name of a band that I did not have.  A few months later I was “fishing” with Kevin Quinn. I put the word fishing in quotes as the lake we were on did not have any fish in it at all. It was more of a way for 5 gentlemen to wake up far too early, and sit on a lake freezing from not being smart enough to bring a proper jacket.  Kevin and I were talking about his projects, The Weisstronauts and I think he was with Sool then, and he asked what I was doing.  I told him I had a band name, AgnezMoorhead, but nothing else.   He came up with the idea of the “Z” in the name.  I dropped the “e” in Moorehead by accident when I did the below logo and did not feel like redoing it.  Whoops.

Geographically Kevin and I could not be in a band together being separated by several states, and a dial-up modem between them; but I wished we could be in one.  So AgnezMoorhead was the band that I claimed I was in; even if there was no band.  Sad right?


logo1 copy

May 24, 2002, per the date stamp on the file, I created a logo (see above) which was based on my old Siberian Husky’s eyes (also above).  So I had a 3 year old band name and a brand new fancy logo, but no band.

Bored yet?  No?? Well, lets press on.  In the summer of 2008 I bought a computer from ADK Computers, they specialize in building computers for audio.  I had tried several times before to record some songs with decent computers I had built for recording and stolen software, that combo never panned out.  Karma maybe?? Whatever… From those recording sessions/attempts I still have one track called She.  I may post that sometime; its is just music and a bunch of Planet of the Apes sound clips.  Anywho, I went all in, good computer and purchased software, midi controllers, sound-card, etc.  Started recording basic tracks and with the internet speeds being way better than in 1999 started sending the MP3 ideas to Kevin and others.  First track came back in ‎Friday, ‎September ‎26, ‎2008 which was Leave it Spinning (link below).  That was when I saw AgnezMoorhead was a real possibility and only took 9 years for technology to catch up to what we needed!

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening.


Humble Beginnings